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What Schools Can Do

Verona Smiles will work with schools to clearly define expectations for what they can do, including the following: 

Work with Verona Smiles to get kids dental care.

Every child who participates in a school’s oral health promotion program also could have cavities or other dental care needs. We’ll do comprehensive exams on all the children being served by your dental program and get them to a dentist if they have any identified needs.


Once treatment needs are identified, refer students to your adopted dentists.

Once care needs are identified, you will have a list of dentists who have been “adopted by each school. Working with Verona Smiles staff, parents will be referred to whichever office is best for the student and their family.  


Refer any kids with emergency dental needs to your adopted dentists.

On an ongoing basis, you should refer any kids with emergency needs to the offices of adopted dentists. To the greatest extent possible, we will try to keep students with the same offices for any operative or emergency care.

Support Documents:

Help ensure that any kid in your community who needs dental care gets it. Contact us to participate.
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