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How Verona Smiles
Works for Dentists

If a dentist and his/her team wants to participate, here’s how it works:

Identify a staff person to be your office lead for the Verona Smiles initiative. 

An essential piece of the Verona Smiles initiative is to build strong relationships between schools and local dental offices. Each office and each school will have a lead contact person to assure a strong and smooth partnership.

Decide what you want to do. 

Dentists can decide how they want to participate. Dentists can be in the schools doing exams. They can decide to see kids in their office for restorative or emergency care. They can take only emergency appointments. Whatever you do will help assure every student has a healthy and pain-free mouth.     


Do dentistry, don’t deal with logistics. 

The goal of the Verona Smiles initiative is to get care to kids. To do that, dentists will only have to do what they do every day.  If you come to the schools, everything will be set up and waiting for Verona Smiles dentists. The exam chairs, x-rays, care coordination, and all logistics will be taken care of by the Verona Smiles staff. If students are referred to your office, you’ll treat them like any other patient. All you have to do is take care of kids in need.  

Build Lasting Relationships. 

Verona Smiles dentists will help guarantee that any kid in your community who needs care gets it. In doing so, there will be a unique partnership between school leaders, dentists, and community leaders. Once in place, Verona Smiles will work to nurture and maintain strong relationships to assure a lasting impact on the lives of our children.

Help ensure that any kid in your community who needs dental care gets it. Contact us to participate.
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