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Every student graduates with a healthy smile.


Our Vision

The goal of Verona Smiles is to assure that any student who needs dental care gets it, regardless of their ability to pay. The program serves kids who do not currently have a dentist, particularly students receiving BadgerCare or without insurance.


Through the Verona Smiles Initiative, we are assuring that every student is ready to learn and graduates with a healthy smile. For more information, see the Verona Smiles Initiative Executive Summary.

Verona Smiles Staff


The Verona Smiles staff are there to organize, coordinate and support dentists, Bridging Brighter Smiles, school staff and community members as they assure kids get care.

Who We Are

  • Amy Novak
    Director of Implementation (primary contact), Verona Smiles 



Verona Smiles is a part of More Smiles Wisconsin and works in conjunction with Bridging Brighter Smiles.

Help ensure that any kid in your community who needs dental care gets it. Contact us to participate.
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